TEXA Marine Main Cable (AM01)

SKU 3151/AM01

This is a TEXA diagnostic cable used in a variety of marine applications. This cable is the base MAIN cable essential to connect different cables to the vehicle diagnostic box you are using.


  • Genuine TEXA cable
  • For a variety of marine applications
  • Works with TEXA Navigator adapters

This is the main diagnostic cable is used to connect a variety of models to the TEXA navigator for use with TEXA IDC5 marine diagnostic software. 

The cable can be identified by the BLACK cap with LED and it has two connectors, a 2-way female (possible external power supply) and a 4-way male (communication connector). 

USE AS A BASE CABLE (example AM01 + AM02):
Connect the terminal cable related to the brand that has to be diagnosed (example AM02) to the 4-way male connector. If indicated by the software, connect the power clamps, which will then be connected to the engine's battery to power the tool, to the 2-way female connector.

WARNING: the cable AM01 is the base cable that covers most of the brands, but it does not support specific functions and protocols. It must not be confused with the cable AM01 CAN, very similar but with a dedicated sticker and a RED cap. Pay attention to the software's indications regarding the use of the BASE cable, the use of the terminal able needed and the possible external power supply.

Note: This cable is designed to work with the TEXA TXB adapter. For use with the TXT adapter, this cable requires the TXT Adapter Kit (3903689).

Manufacturer: TEXA
Part Number: 3151/AM01, AM01, 3902358
UPC: 735520736282
Length: 18 Inches
Weight: 1 lb
TEXA Marine Essentials Kit

TEXA Marine Essentials Kit

This cable is included with the TEXA Marine Essentials Cable Set. The kit also includes diagnostic cables to cover the most common marine engines. Bundle and save!

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TEXA Complete Kits

TEXA Complete Kits

This cable is designed to work with the TEXA Navigator TXB with IDC5 Marine software, which is included with our TEXA complete diagnostic laptops kits.

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