Renewals Explained

Marine Diagnostic Tool Renewals

The kits sold by us have one thing in common -- They never expire. This means you are not required to purchase a renewal each year, but you do lose access to certain features. Your first year of purchase includes unlimited use of a call center, software updates, and access to repair information. After a year you lose access to those features and services.

Service/Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Software Updates X X X
Tech Support - IT X X X
Tech Support - Marine Techs X X
Repair Information X X
Free Next Day Air X X
Warranty Coverage X
Laptop Replacement 3/Years X


✔ Software Updates

Software updates are constant and you can expect to receive 3 to 5 major updates a year with smaller updates in between. The updates include not only expanded coverage into newer years but also includes updates for deeper coverage, bug fixes, new repair information, and new features.

✔ Tech Support

We offer two levels of tech support - IT and Marine Techs. The IT tech support is there to assist with basic connection issues and ensuring your software is operating properly. The Marine Technicians are available for advanced support to help assist with fault codes, obtaining repair information, and other tasks that can be done virtually. Think of them as an extension to your shop!

✔ Repair Information

While of of the software packages we offer includes repair information, we also include KnowledgeBase on your diagnostic laptop kit. This is enhanced and deeper information then you'll find built into the software.

✔ Other Benefits

We offer three other benefits depending on the package you receive. One is our FREE Next Day Air shipping for replacement parts and warrantable issues. The second is our Warranty Coverage which means if there is a failure in the hardware or software the expenses is on us to have that issue repaired quickly at no cost to you. The last is our 3-year laptop replacement. Customers that have three consecutive years of coverage at available to replace their laptop every years to keep the hardware fresh.