TEXA Marine - Essential Marine Cable Set


The TEXA Marine Essentials Case comes complete with the cables needed to perform dealer level test and diagnostics on the most common marine engines. 
 Cables Includes in the case:
  • 3902358 Marine Main Cable (AM01)
  • 3903008 Marine CAN Cable (AM01 CAN)
  • 3902407 Marine Honda Cable (AM02)
  • 3902247 Marine Mercury and Mariner Group 2-Pin Cable (AM04)*
  • 3902250 Marine Mercury and Mariner Group 4-Pin Cable (AM05)*
  • 3902413 Marine Yamaha/Selva Marine Cable (AM06)*
  • 3902414 Marine Volvo Penta 6-Pin Cable (AM07)*
  • 3902467 Marine Volvo Penta KAD TAMD Cable (AM09)*
  • 3902865 Marine Evinrude Cable (AM13)*
  • 3902907 Marine 10-Pin Volvo, Mercruiser, Crusader, PCM (MEFI-1,2,3,4,4B) Cable (AM14)*
  • 3902960 Marine Volvo, Mercruiser, Crusader, Ilmor, Indmar, PCM (MEFI-5/EGC OBD-M socket) Cable (AM16)**
  • 3903502 Marine 8-Pin Rectangular Volvo Penta EGC-EVC Cable (AM18)**
  • 3903560 Marine 4-Pin Suzuki Cable (AM22)*
  • 3904778 Marine Mercury, Mariner, Cummins Group Cable from 2010 (AM25)**

* To be used with 3902358 (AM01)
** To be used with 3903008 (AM01 CAN)
 Please note that if you have a TXT box, you will need to purchase part number 3903689. If you have a TXB box, you don't need anything extra.


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