Cojali Suzuki 8 Pin Cable for Jaltest Marine (JDC613A)

by Cojali

This is a 8 pin Suzuki cable for Jaltest diagnostics.


  • Genuine Cojali cable
  • Designed to work with Jaltest Marine software
  • For use with Suzuki marine outboard engines
  • Works with Jaltest OBDII Cable (JDC213M3) or the V9 Interface Link Adapter Cable (JDC213.9)

This 8 pin diagnostic cable is used to connect Suzuki marine outboard engines with a 8 pin connector to the Jaltest marine diagnostic platform.

This cable works the same as the JDC613M, however it has the OBD end that connects to the Jaltest OBDII Cable (JDC213M3) or the V9 Interface Link Adapter Cable (JDC213.9) cable instead of the round end that connects to the Marine Adapter Cable (JDC600).


2017 Suzuki 140 Jaltest

Manufacturer: Cojali
Part Number: JDC613A
Length: 6 Inches
Weight: 1 lb
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