TEXA Marine (AM24-A) - Cummins Mercruiser, VM, John Deere & Kohler Cable


Complete cable for injection diagnosis of the Cummins Mercruiser Diesel, Mercury Diesel (QSD series), VM MOTORI (MR Series) diesel engines and of the Kohler generators equipped with Deutsch 9-way socket. 

Cummins Mercruiser Diesel: You can carry out the diagnosis only on the injection system. The other systems can be diagnosed only through another socket and the related cable.

Mercury Diesel: the cable covers the injection diagnosis of all the "QSD" series engines.

VM Motori: the cable covers the diagnosis of all the MR series engines.

Kohler: the diagnosis is available only for the generators based on a John Deere engine.

The cable is also known as 3904277.


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