Jaltest Marine (JDC 628A) - Evinrude EMM G2 NMEA 2000

by Cojali

This new cable from Cojali works with the Evinrude EMM G2 NMEA systems.

EMM G2 system of NMEA 2000 that applies to the new 2.7L models: E-TEC G2 150, E-TEC G2 150 HO, E-TEC G2 175 and E-TEC G2 200. Also, the EMM G2 system of NMEA
2000 is included to the 3.4L models: E-TEC G2 200 HO, E-TEC G2 225, E-TEC G2 225 HO,
E-TEC G2 250, E-TEC G2 250 HO and E-TEC G2 300

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