Cojali Jaltest Link V9 Bundle with Multi-Pins

by Cojali
SKU 70001011

The V9 version of the Cojali Jaltest Link is an upgrade over the older V8 box. A lighter slicker and more elegant design, focused on avoiding damage on the device and with the shop environment in mind, resistant and easy to clean.


  • Faster connection rate (Baud Rate)
  • USB and SUBD26 connector protection
  • Robust electronics and enhanced communication capabilities
  • Impact absorption
  • Lighter and more compact design

The Jaltest Link V9 includes several cables needed for diagnostics, including a multipin kit.

Kit Contents:

  • Jaltest V9 Link Adapter Box (70001015)
  • USB Cable (JDC107.9)
  • Deutsch 6 Pin Diagnostic Cable (JDC211A)
  • OBD Diagnostic Cable (JDC213.9)
  • Deutsch 9 Pin Type 2 Green Diagnostic Cable (JDC217.9)
  • Jaltest transport case (70003010)
  • Multipin kit (70002001)
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