Cojali Jaltest Expert Mode Explained and Activated

Cojali Jaltest Expert Mode Explained and Activated

If you own one of the Jaltest Marine kits, you need to know about Expert Mode. Expert Mode is a code you enter into the software. Once this is entered you can now perform advanced ECM functions that require programming or writing data to the ECM. This includes DTS calibration, injector coding, engine location, and other functions.

You can setup your Jaltest Marine diagnostic tool one of two ways. The first is to have this code entered one time so that anyone can perform the functions at any time. The other method is using it as security control so that only certain users can perform these advanced functions.

This blog post will cover the details on the first method.

Step 1) From the Main Menu, click on Preferences

Jaltest Marine Export Mode Step 1

Step 2) From the Preferences Menu, select "Configuration"

Jaltest Marine Expert Mode - Step 2 - Configuration

Step 3) Click on "Activate Expert Mode" on the left side.

You will then need to check the box for accept the Terms & Conditions. After doing this, you can now enter the 6-digit Expert Model code. This will be provided to you by the Marine Diagnostic Tool team. Once completed, click the check mark in the upper right corner to save the data.

Jaltest Marine Expert Mode - Step 3 - Enter Expert Model Code

Once completed, head back to the main menu and look in the lower left corner. If successful, you will see the word "Expert" shown.

Jaltest Marine Expert Mode - Step 4 - Verify Expert Mode

If you are still having issues activating your Marine Expert Mode, please contact our technical support department at 844-627-4630 for further assistance.

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