Diesel Laptops LTE Network 4G LTE Unlimited Data 365 Days


Diesel Laptops is now offering a one year unlimited 4G LTE cellular data plan. This flexible, no contract, 365 day plan can be added to any of our CF-31 or CF-54 laptops, whether they are purchased stand-alone laptops or part of one our Kits.

With the Diesel Laptops LTE Network it is now possible to take your Dealer Level Diagnostic Kits anywhere and perform any function without the need to stay close indoors or next to a Wi-Fi router.


  • Nationwide coverage
  • Unlimited data
  • Fast, reliable coverage

The fastest service available today

4G LTE uses the latest generation of data technology for cellular networks (the fourth generation, hence 4G) and utilizes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communication for downlink peak rates of 300 Mbit/s, uplink peak rates of 75 Mbit/s making it the fastest service available today.

Nationwide Coverage

Our 4G LTE network covers more than 86% of the continental United States. See our detailed coverage map to check for your area. 3G speeds are available in most areas not covered by 4G LTE.

Unlimited Data

With the Diesel Laptops LTE Network, unlimited data is just that - unlimited. There are no restrictions on data usage, no monthly allowances, and no additional fees for usage.

Terms and conditions

A one time activation fee is required. Upon activation, you must agree to our terms and conditions by clicking on this link and filling out the required paperwork.

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If you have any questions about this or any other product, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Marine Diagnostic Tool experts at 866-551-6531 or by clicking below!

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