Diesel Laptops 300 Watt Power Inverter


The Diesel Laptops Digital Power Inverter supplies 300 watts of power which allows technicians to quickly charge many different devices in the field. The Inverter is equipped with two 110v outlets for standard household accessories such as laptops and dvd players. It is also equipped with two USB outlets to charge smaller devices such as cell phones. 

The Diesel Laptops Digital Power Inverter is equipped with a switchable 12v input harness which allows it to be used with any cigarette outlet or switch out the harness and hook it directly to a 12v battery. This is helpful for field technicians whom cannot locate a cigarette outlet but still need use of an inverter to charge a laptop.


  •  300 watts of power for quick charging of multiple devices
  •  All metal construction for maximum durability
  •  Short Circuit Protection built in
  •  Overvoltage Protection built in
  •  2x 110v outlets
  •  2x USB 5v outlets 2.1a
  •  Switchable harnesses for Cigarette lighter or 12v battery input
  •  1 Year Warranty

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