Marine Diagnostic Tools Financing Options

While a great diagnostic scanner and tool will help save your shop money and generate additional income, we understand that they are not an inexpensive purchase. To help with this, we offer several financing and payment options.


For customers looking to obtain a low monthly payment with no (or very little!) up-front costs, we work with a leasing company to provide this. These leases are structured as $1 buyout leases, which means after you make all your payments, you pay the final $1 and the equipment is yours to keep. This preserves your credit lines, keeps debt off your balance sheet, and allows you to monitor your cash flow. Our preferred leasing partner is Brian Grave with Caleb-Parker out of Houston, TX. Brian has been in the leasing & finance industry for over 25 years and can help answer any questions you may have. To contact Brian directly with questions, he can be reached any of the following:

Brian Graves
Direct: (713) 885-1111
Fax: (713) 583-2644

To apply for the lease, you can do it several ways:

  • Directly on our website.
  • Over the phone: Call Brian at 713-885-1111
  • Download the PDF and fax it back to us at 803-339-4095.


Yes, we have options for our neighbors to the north. Please head to our Canada Leasing page to learn more, and how to apply.


For customers that want something more short-term, we do offer financing for qualified customer in-house. We offer the in-house financing multiple ways, but they both require 50% down payment. Also, only our laptop “kits” that include laptop, adapters/cables, and software are eligible for the in-house financing. Here is how these deals are structured.

  1. Put 50% down and the balance is due with no interest in 90 days.
  2. Put 50% down and make 12 monthly payments with a service fee of $29 per month. 

To find out if you are qualified or have questions on this option, please call our sales team at 888-551-6531 or email at


We will accept purchase orders from government entities, school districts, colleges, universities, medium & large sized businesses, and other qualified companies and organizations. If you wish to do this, please call us at 888-551-6531 or email at