Using IDC5 and KnowledgeBase for repair information

Using IDC5 and KnowledgeBase for repair information

In this blog post we are going to show you how to use both the TEXA IDC5 and KnowledgeBase applications together to access detailed step-by-step troubleshooting information for trouble codes. This post is divided into two main sections: "How to find your Fault Code using TEXA IDC5" and "How to access troubleshooting information with KnowledgeBase." You can also reference the above video, where our Marine Product Manager, Tim Rodabaugh, walks through using KnowledgeBase.

How to find your Fault Code using TEXA IDC5

1. Open TEXA IDC5

The first step is to open the TEXA IDC5 software application (this application is pre-loaded on all TEXA dealer level kits available from Marine Diagnostic Tools.) Once the application is open, just select Marine from the menu to access the marine software module. 

IDC5 Marnine Software

2. Select Your Engine

In our case we are using a John Deere 6068 Diesel Engine. Under the manual Identification heading in the left hand column, Select Industrial engines/Generators. From here, Select Kohler. After Kohler is selected, a new sub heading will appear in the lefthand column for Self-diagnosis. Under the Self-diagnosis heading, click on Diesel injection (shown below.)

Select engine in IDC5

Please note that at this point, you will have the option of clicking the film strip icon (pictured below.) This optional step will show the elements needed for connection. When finished click the red X in the top right of the pop-up window to return to the previous screen.

TEXA film strip

Once you are ready to proceed, click "Start" then Confirm the start-up mode by clicking the green "confirm button." A liability agreement pop-up will appear stating TEXA is not liable for damage you cause from mis-use. Click the green check to agree and continue. From here, just confirm your ignition is on by clicking the green "Confirm" button (shown below.)

confirm engine IDC5

3. Select Your Fault Code

In our case we have two fault codes. Please note that yellow codes are older, memorized codes. Codes shown in red are are active fault codes.
In our example, our active fault code is 91 FMI(3): High Voltage or short-circuit to positive. To continue, click "Confirm"

Fault Code in TEXA IDC5

How to access troubleshooting information with KnowledgeBase.

Now that we have an active fault code, we can use it to access detailed step-by-step troubleshooting information in KnowledgeBase. 

1. Open KnowledgeBase

Now that we have our active fault, we can minimize the TEXA IDC5 program and return to the desktop. Now we need to open the KnowledgeBase application. This program is conveniently located on the desktop of all dealer level marine diagnostic kits purchased from Marine Diagnostic Tools.

KnowledgeBase desktop

2. Select the Marine Folder

Once open, select the Marine Folder. Please note that in our example we have access to other KnowledgeBase folders. Depending on your coverage level, you may not have all of the same folders, however, you will have the Marine folder as part of your Marine Diagnostic Tool purchase.

KnowledgeBase folders

3. Locate Troubleshooting information

After clicking the Marine folder, navigate to the respective troubleshooting PDF. In our case, we navigated by clicking John Deere > 6068 > PowerTech 4.5L and 6.8L Diesel Engines Level 12 Electronic Fuel System with Stanadyne DE10 Pump Complete.

Now select the PDF labeled with the fault code you received from your TEXA IDC5 diagnosis. In our case, we are selecting the PDF that has "9103" in the title. Please note that there may be several zeros in front of your code. Your fault codes comes after the zeroes. 

KnowledgeBase Codes

4. Review Troubleshooting information

Once the PDF is selected it will open automatically. Here you will have access to the trouble tree with detailed troubleshooting information. You will see notes and results with step-by-step instructions for what to check.

KnowledgeBase notes

There you have it. Finding step-by-step troubleshooting information in KnowledgeBase is a quick and easy process that we hope will speed up your work flow by providing valuable information to save you time when diagnosing marine engines.

If at any point you run into issues using KnowledgeBase or TEXA IDC5, we have an amazing Technical Support department that can help troubleshoot software issues. One year of support is included with your purchase with optional support packages available.

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