TEXA Marine Diagnostic Tools

TEXA Marine Diagnostic Tools

TEXA is a company based out of Italy that has perfected the multi-brand diagnostic tool. Their tools cover a variety of industries, such as commercial truck (Semi trucks), off highway, automotive, powersports (motorcycles), and marine diagnostics. In traditional approaches, clients often must purchase separate hardware and software for each manufacturer they wish to perform diagnostic tools. The TEXA platform allows customers to have one diagnostic tool that covers all available manufacturers. This means the end-user has one, simple to use software program instead of multiple.

The TEXA Marine diagnostic software package comes in two versions. The first it the “Basic” version, which will give you complete coverage on inboard and outboard gas engines found on today’s boats and watercraft. The other version is the “Plus”, which allows you to perform dealer level functionality on everything the “Basic” version can do, plus diesel engines and generators.

TEXA Marine Diagnostic Kits

The TEXA Marine Diagnostic Kits are completely customizable. At the end of the day, you need several components to put a kit together:

  • Laptop or Tablet that is running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • The TEXA TXB or TXT Adapter Communication Box
  • TEXA Basic or Plus edition software
  • Cables to connect the adapter communication box to the engine or boat

We can now talk about each of these components in a little more detail. It is also important to note that while you can customize a kit to exactly what you work on, most customers end up purchasing one of our pre-packaged kits for either the TEXA Marine Basic or the TEXA Marine Plus. These kits are pre-configured, setup, updated, and tested before they leave our facility.

Laptop or Tablet Options

While our standard kit at MarineDiagnosticTools.com includes the Panasonic Toughbook CF31, customers can choose a variety of upgrades. This includes upgrading to the TEXA Axone Nemo Tablet, which is the highest quality tablet you will ever find. The Axone Nemo floats in water, has multiple cameras, Gorilla glass, and is water proof. Customers can also upgrade their Panasonic Toughbook CF31 to include more RAM, a larger hard drive, or even give your laptop Internet access virtually anywhere in North America with the Diesel Laptops LTE Network.

Other upgrades include a brand-new Panasonic Toughbook CF54, Surface Pro 4 with armor, and many other options. You can also decide to not include a laptop or tablet with your package, but you would then be responsible for installing, configuring, and updating your machine.

TEXA TXB vs TXT Adapter

There are two adapters that you can use with your TEXA Marine Diagnostic package. This would be the TEXA TXB and the TXT adapter. For customers that will never do anything besides TEXA Marine or Powersports (Motorcycle), the TXT is the better option. This is because the TXB adapter is less expensive then the TXT adapter, and it doesn’t require any special cables to use.

The TEXA TXT adapter works with all TEXA modules, which are Truck, Marine, Automotive, Off Highway, and Power Sports. This adapter is more expensive then the TXB and has a different connection point on it. This means you need to purchase a special cable set to use with marine cables, while the TXB does not require this.

The short version is this. If you only are working on marine or powersports, stick with the TXB. If you ever plan to purchase automotive, truck, or off highway then go with the TXT box.

TEXA Marine Basic and Plus Software

The TEXA Marine software comes in two flavors. The first is the Basic software, which covers essentially all gas engines for both inboard and outboard engines. This list includes:

Inboard Engines

  • Cummins Mercruiser
  • Mercruiser
  • Mercury Racing
  • Volvo Penta

Outboard Engines

  • Evinrude
  • Honda Marine
  • Johnson
  • Mariner
  • Mercury
  • Mercury Racing
  • Selva Marine
  • Suzuki Marine
  • Tohatsu Marine
  • Yamaha Marine

Personal Watercraft (PWC) & Jetski

  • Honda Marine
  • Kawasaki Marine
  • Sea-Doo (BRP)
  • Yamaha Marine

For those customers also wanting additional coverage, you would then upgrade to the Plus edition. The Plus edition includes everything in the Basic, plus the following inboard engines listed below.

  • Caterpillar
  • CFMoto
  • Crusader Engines
  • Cummins Diesel
  • Cummins Mercruiser Diesel
  • Daedong
  • DAF Marine
  • FNM Marine
  • Ford Marine
  • FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies)
  • Hyundai Seasall
  • Ilmor
  • Indmar
  • Kodiak Marine
  • Lombardini Marine
  • MAN Marine
  • Marine Power
  • Mercury Diesel
  • MTU
  • PCM Marine Engines
  • Perkins
  • Phanter Airboats
  • Scania Marine
  • Seven Marine
  • SISU
  • Steyr Motors
  • VM Motori
  • Volkswagen Marine
  • Yanmar

Industrial Engines & Generators

  • Caterpillar
  • Kohler
  • MTU
  • Volvo Penta

As of the day of this blog post, the TEXA Marine Plus edition package has the widest coverage on marine engines today.

Coverage Capabilities

For the simpler systems such as outboard engines and jet ski’s, the coverage if very complete. You can run all the same commands that a dealer can do, such as viewing engine history, perform injector tests, testing components such as fuel pumps and ignition coils. Of course it can read and clear codes, view live data, and tell you specific ECU information. On jet ski’s, you can even perform commands on sub-systems such as programming keys, testing the iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse), and much more.

When you move up to larger watercraft that run the inboard diesel engines, you now run into situations where you need to communicate with other modules such as the DC Module, Joystick control, Instrument Panel, Steering Wheel Electronics, and more. The TEXA Marine software is capable of working on all these systems and modules as well.

The other “engine” that is often asked about are the generators that provide power to the rest of the vessel. The TEXA system does cover these very well, as diesel engines are also used in their truck and off highway portions of their software. The same commands are present in the marine side, such as cylinder cut-out tests, activations and testing of components, configuring inputs and outputs, programming injectors, and thousands of other commands.

Annual Renewals and Support

As a fully owned subsidiary of Diesel Laptops, we enjoy the privilege of using their technical support staff for customer assistance. Their technical support staff is manned by both IT Professionals and technicians from all industries including truck, automotive, off-highway, and marine. Your diagnostic tool from MarineDiagnosticLaptops.com will come with the ability to interact with this technical support team in a variety of ways including phone calls, live chat on the computer, email, and mobile applications. They can handle any issue from your laptop to connecting to helping you fix your equipment.

When you purchase a kit from us, you will receive unlimited updates and support during the first year. After that first year, your tool will not turn off or be held hostage for annual renewals. You just will no longer receive updates or support. If you decide to pay the annual renewal fee at any point, there is no late fee and you will be updated to the latest version.

Final Thoughts

You can purchase a marine diagnostic tool from anyone, but when purchasing through us or DieselLaptops.com, we give you several advantages:

  • We are the only diagnostic company offering live support 6 days per week.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every kit we sell.
  • We have experts on staff that only deal with marine diagnostic tools.
  • We sell every marine diagnostic tool that exists. We are more than happy to talk about the pros and cons of each tool.

We always appreciate comments or thoughts from our readers, make sure to leave one below!

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Claudio Angelucci - February 8, 2022

Hi, we had been using Mercury’s CDS tools for years until the 2019 G3 CDS version, now as we are based in Venezuela, getting a license Key for the 2021 CDS G3 upgrade has been a total pain in the butt, regarding the marine diagnostic tools you guys offer, are there any one capable of give us the dealer specs we need specially to apply on the latest outboards and inboards generations .? For instance latest Verados 400 and 450R cause even for the initial start you need it.
Claudio Angelucci

Verny Vargas - April 7, 2021

I am looking for a diagnostic tool for a 2020 Yanmar 6LY440 marine engine serial 2895

Hartanto - January 3, 2021

I interest to buy , please send to me the quotation. Thank you

Younis - November 5, 2020

Hi friend how much this device is

Kevin Chinnasami - February 13, 2020

Hi 👋 . I’m interested in diagnostic tool for all inboard marine engines. Please update me the prices and options available.

Roberto Pinto - December 10, 2019

I need to quote a diagnosis and programming tool for diesel marine engines.


Hannes Scheepers - September 8, 2019

Can you please help me with prices on a full kit for marine like in boards outbords engins and all type of jet skis i will apreciate your help

Alan Luis - July 19, 2019

Hey there. What are the cost options? and renewal fees?

Kenny owolabi - June 1, 2019

I need to have the diesel laptop software pls. let me know the cost .for heavy duty marine engine diagnostic and programming.

David Walsh - January 21, 2019

Enquiring about Diagnostics for Caterpillar marine C9 575 hp diagnostics , will this unit diagnostic all engines with including outboard engines ,
Can you get a APP for phone for diagnostics, Perkins engines doing a APP now for marine engines
I wait for reply
thanks David

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