2015 Evinrude 250 ETEC HO TEXA vs. Jaltest vs. MEDS

2015 Evinrude 250 ETEC HO TEXA vs. Jaltest vs. MEDS

TEXA IDC5 v.13.2.0

2015 Evinrude 250 ETEC HO

We connected to this engine with AM01 + AM 13.


We have 3 inactive codes on this engine.

This is the information on the Water Temperature too high.

Freeze Frame on that code.


Parameters Page 2

Parameters Page 3

Graph of the Bootstrap, Oil level, and Water in fuel

The bootstrap is a cable for EMM reprogramming and updating on Evinrude engines. I have included a picture from another engine below, so you can get an idea of what it is.

ECU Info

Engine History under Activations Tab

Fuel Pump Test

Ignition 1 Test

Oil Injector Test

Engine Temperature History under Activations Tab

Settings Page

Trim Adjustment

TPS calibration (Throttle Position Sensor)

Technical Documentation

Error Code info

Oil Type Setting

Ground Wire info

Irregular Functioning info

Change of Starter motor wiring

We have a lot of good information on this engine, we were able to run tests and the software included some important features. The one problem I have with this software is it does not include any wiring diagrams for this engine and others by the Evinrude manufacturer.



2015 Evinrude 250 ETEC HO

We connected to this engine with the JDC 600 + JDC 609M


When hooking up to this model the directions specifically say to use the power cable from the battery to the JDC 609M cable.

System Identification

*For comparison I used the Freeze Frame for the same Error of both tools

ECU Data


Oil Type

Water Pressure



page 2

Graph of measurements

System Display

Injector Test

Ignition Coil Test

Fuel Pump Test

Engine Temperature Data

Engine Speed

Operating Times


Wiring Diagram

Vessel Service Data

Troubleshooting Guide

We have a lot of good information on this engine with the Jaltest software.


MEDS 9.1

2015 Evinrude 250 ETEC HO

We connected with the 531-0118M Cable + BRP Cable, we also connected the alligator clip.

Live ECM Data

Real Time Data

System History


Faults Page

Stored Faults

Persistent Faults

Fuel Pump Test

Injection Coil Test

Texa vs. Jaltest vs. MEDS Score 0-10

I must be honest here and say that I thought this was going to be a horrible disaster. All three tools performed better than I would have imagined. They all did great on the tests we performed, and they gave us ECU info to similar codes, whether they were unknown or unidentifiable. The main issues on these tools were codes and repair information.

            They all performed like each other in all aspects except the repair information and codes shown. Texa included information on their technical data sheets but did not include any wiring diagrams. I have spoken to them and they put a request for wiring diagrams in for the next update. I checked further and noticed that the Evinrude selections does not have any wiring diagrams in any of their engine selections. Jaltest had a lot of repair information, much more than Texa however they had far more unknown codes that could be confusing to the user. The MEDS unit had some unknown codes also, and they did not have any repair information on this engine or any engine that I have seen. Meds also does not have any Freeze Frame data on the codes but Texa and Jaltest included those. I looked at the unknown errors on Jaltest and MEDS and they listed the same unknown errors but Jaltest listed one 5 times and Meds listed that same code 6 times. So, there is a discrepancy of the codes between these tools. Based on all these criteria I scored Meds lower and gave the other two tools higher scores. I feel Jaltest should score higher based on the repair info between them and Texa, but I would have liked to see fewer unknown codes on their part.

TEXA - 8

Jaltest - 9

MEDS - 6

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Tim Rodabaugh

Tim Rodabaugh was hired on as the Marine Product Manager for Marine Diagnostic Tools in June 2018. Since then he has dedicated his time and efforts to testing every possible diagnostic tool the marine industry has to offer.


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