KnowledgeBase now includes Marine Troubleshooting Information

KnowledgeBase now includes Marine Troubleshooting Information

KnowledgeBase is a proprietary Diesel Laptops system that contains thousands of repair information documents. While originally created exclusively for the heavy truck industry, it was expanded last year to include off-highway engines. Now, with its latest update, KnowledgeBase has been scaled up to include repair information for a variety of marine engines.  

The initial release of the Marine section of KnowledgeBase includes a large portion of documents exclusively for the Marine Service Technician. At launch, there are more than a thousand documents from more than thirty manufacturers of diesel engines, inboard, outboard, generators and PWC engines. These documents include wiring diagrams, maintenance intervals, troubleshooting and repair information. More information is being added constantly to the database with new releases scheduled several times per year. 

KnowledgeBase with Marine diagnostic information is available exclusively for Marine Diagnostic Tools customers who purchase TEXA or Jaltest dealer level kits. 

Outlined below are some examples of documents found in KnowledgeBase...

KnowledgeBase Interface

Below is an image of the KnowledgeBase interface. When you open the program, you'll find an easy-to-navigate folder system. Just click into the folders to find repair information, charts, wiring diagrams and more. 

KnowledgeBase Overview

Wiring Diagrams

KnowledgeBase contains hundreds of detailed, color coded wiring diagrams like the one shown below. 

KnowledgeBase Wiring Diagram

Diagnostic Trouble Codes with Step-by-step repair information

KnowledgeBase is full of valuable repair information. Below are several examples of DTC info, charts, and repair information.

KnowledgeBase Repair Information

(Above - DTCs)


(Above - Troubleshooting examples)

Flash Codes

(Above - Diagnostic Flash Codes)

troubleshooting info

(Above - Troubleshooting example)


Marine Diagnostic Tools wants to provide customers a Tool that will have everything they need to diagnosis and repair any engine on the water. We offer this program with our kits along with our U.S. based IT department filled with IT and Service Technicians that are standing by to help when you need it. Our plan is to devote time and resources to build the marine section of Knowledge Base better than anything on the market today.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to feedback from our customers!

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Josh Vassallo

Josh Vassallo is the Webmaster and Creative Director at Diesel Laptops. He has a passion for web and UX design and loves all things tech. Slowly but surely he's getting the hang of the Diesel Diagnostic world.


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