Jaltest Main Screen Explained

Jaltest Main Screen Explained

In this Jaltest Software tutorial we are going to walk through the design and layout of the Jaltest main screen. Here we will be going over the icons on the main screen that are not associated with connecting to an engine. 

Help Icon

The Help Icon is located on the far left of the menu at the top of the screen. This icon houses information such as Remote Assistance and an Installation Guide for installing the software.

Jaltest Help Icon

There is also a glossary of terms that defines acronyms that are used in the software (shown below.)

Jaltest acronyms

Other items found under the Help icon include Contact Details, Unit Conversions,  Icon Description which has photos and descriptions of all icons used in the system (shown below.) Finally, there is an Innovations section which details any new improvements/additions that have been recently added to the Jaltest Software. 

Jaltest Icon

The Camera

The Camera icon takes a snapshot of anything on the screen. This is very helpful to provide reminders of the steps you have taken during a diagnosis. There are options available to print the snapshot (with or without a diagnosis report) or to send the screenshot to Jaltest as a means of providing feedback.

Jaltest Snapshot

The Keyboard Icon

Clicking the keyboard icon will bring up an on screen keyboard. This is helpful for anyone using a tablet or touchscreen computer. In most cases this is not needed, but it is a welcome addition for those few folks using a tablet. 

Jaltest Keyboard

Main Menu

The Main Menu provides links to several important functions such as Configuration, Jaltest Link, Jaltest Feedback, License info, and Brand/Model Customization. The Configuration tab allows you to customize user preferences. You can change the language, activate Expert Mode, change units of measurement and more. 

Jaltest Configuration

The Social Icon

The Social Icon provides links to Jaltest's social media channels as well as a link to Jaltest's website. 

Jaltest Social Media

GRP Icon

The GRP Icon links to the Garage Resource Planning section. This is a workshop management program that organizes and manages activity and clients. 

Jaltest GRP

That concludes our quick look at the Jaltest main screen. If at any point you run into issues navigating your way through your Jaltest Software, we have an amazing Technical Support department that can help troubleshoot software issues. One year of support is included with your purchase with optional support packages available.

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