Jaltest Diagnosis Reports Explained

Jaltest Diagnosis Reports Explained

In this Jaltest Marine Software tutorial we will briefly explain how to create, view and save a diagnosis report using the Jaltest Marine Software.

Connect to an ECM to begin your diagnosis report

To get started, the first thing you will need to do is connect to an ECM. In our example, we will connect to a Yamaha F100. This can be done by selecting the outboard engine icon on the main screen, then selecting Yamaha from the menu and finally selecting F100 from the engine list (shown below.) Once you connect to the ECM, the Jaltest Software automatically begins generating a diagnosis report.

Jaltest connection

View a live Diagnosis Report

To view your diagnosis report, simply click on the “eye” icon located in the middle of the top navigation menu. Clicking this icon will display a preview of your diagnosis report in real time.

The diagnosis report is updated after each function/test/actuation you perform. As shown below, the first image shows the initial diagnosis report following our initial connection.

The second image shows an updated diagnosis report after performing an injector cut-out. The report in the second image reflects everything that was done using the software to perform the injector cut-out.


Jaltest Intitial report

Jaltest report

Save your Diagnosis Report

To save a diagnosis report, the first thing you will need to do is disconnect from the engine control module. Next, click the back button. Here you will be prompted to save the diagnosis report. To save it, click yes.

From here you will be given the option to re-name the file and add customer information and notes. You will also be given the opportunity to upload and sync your report with the GRP (Garage Resource Planner) module.

Jaltest GRP

View a saved Diagnosis Report

To view a saved diagnosis report, click on the GRP icon in the top left of the main screen. This will open your Garage Resource Planner. This is where your diagnosis reports are saved. From there, select “Reports” and then “Diagnosis Reports” and choose the diagnosis report you’d like to view.

Jaltest saved report

If at any point you run into any issues regarding diagnosis reports with your Jaltest Software, we have an amazing Technical Support department that can help troubleshoot software issues. One year of support is included with your purchase with optional support packages available.

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