How to use Multiple Connections in Jaltest

How to use Multiple Connections in Jaltest

In this Jaltest Marine Software tutorial we are going to show you how to get connected to an engine that may have multiple possible connection types. In our example, we will be using a Cummins ISX stationary engine.

To get started, click the correct tab for your engine type. You will have the option of choosing inboard, outboard, PWC, or stationary. In our example we are going to choose the stationary engine tab.

Jaltest multiple connections select screen

Next you will need to choose your specific engine. In our case, we chose Cummins, which then gave us the option to choose ISX.

Jaltest Cummins ISX

From there, we chose the J1939 engine and clicked connect which then generated a pop-up alert that several connection types were available for this selection.

Jaltest Multiple Connections

Next, you will see several options with photos of the connection cables. Simply choose the connection type that you are going to use from the list. Your cables should match the ones in the photos.

Jaltest connection types

Once connected, you will be able to perform bi-directional control tests and view diagnostic data. If at any point you run into any issues using connecting to your Jaltest Software, we have an amazing Technical Support department that can help troubleshoot software issues. One year of support is included with your purchase with optional support packages available.

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