How to Connect to an ECM with Jaltest

How to Connect to an ECM with Jaltest

In this Jatlest Marine Software Training article, we will show you how to get connected to an Engine Control Module (EMC) on a marine engine. Depending on the particular Dealer level diagnostic kit you purchased, the Jaltest Marine Software will allow you to connect to either inboard, outboard, inboard & outboard, jetski or stationary diesel engines/generators. All modules are available with the Jaltest Marine Universal Dealer Level Diagnostic Tool.

Using the Search Function

There are a couple of different ways to get connected to the control modules. The first is to use the search function. To use the search function, click on the magnifying glass icon. Here you can search by model or search in the vessel list. To search by model, simply enter your model name, select your engine and click the check box to continue (shown below.) From there you will be able to connect to the ECM.
Jaltest search

Manually Connecting

To manually connect to an ECM, select your engine type from the main page. In this example, we will select an outboard engine by clicking the outboard engine icon. This will open the outboard selection window. From here, choose your specific engine type. In our example, we are choosing a Yamaha F60 (shown below.) After completing this step, you will be able to connect to the ECM.

Jaltest yamaha manual connection

Get Cable Help

Before connecting, you may need help with your cable. To get more information on your cables, click the cable icon at the top. Here you will see important information such as cable part numbers and proper installation locations (shown below.)

Jaltest Cable help

System Identification and Fault Code Information

Once connected you will see the System Identification screen which will provide more information about the engine, the engine type, and ECU reference. Now, to access fault code information, click on the diagnosis button. From here you will be able to browse fault code information as well as freeze frame data. If troubleshooting information is available, it would located here as well.

Jaltest Fault Codes

Clear Errors

To clear your errors, you can either click the trash can icon on the fault codes screen or navigate back to the main menu and click the clear errors tab.

Access System Data

Once back in the main menu, you will be able to access system data such as ECU Data, Engine Operation Hours and Engine Operation Data.

Jaltest ECU data


Under the measurements tab, you will be able to access live data. To access live data, simply check the measurements you’d like to display, then select the parameters for each measurement that you’d like to view in real time.

Jaltest Measurements

Actuate Components

Under the Actuate Components tab you will be able to actuate components such as ignition coils, injectors, the oil control valve, the fuel pump, and the fuel feed pump. To actuate components, simply choose your component from the list and you’ll see initial conditions for the component that you will need to perform before starting the test. Then you can select a component to activate and test.

Jaltest Components

System Checks

Just like the Actuate Components tab, the System Checks tab allows users to run various system checks such as cylinder cut-out tests.

Jaltest System Checks


The Maintenance tab will house maintenance resets. To do so, you will need to activate Expert Mode. (To do this you will need an Expert Mode pin.) Once activated, you will be able to perform resets.

Jaltest Maintenance

If at any point you run into any issues connecting to an ECM with your Jaltest Software, we have an amazing Technical Support department that can help troubleshoot software issues. One year of support is included with your purchase with optional support packages available.

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