Find Diagnostic Connectors with our New Cable Finder Application!

Find Diagnostic Connectors with our New Cable Finder Application!

At Marine Diagnostic Tools we know how frustrating finding the correct diagnostic connection can be with so many different manufacturers. To solve the problem, we have developed a Cable Finder application.

Available now, the Cable Finder allows you to effortlessly find the marine engine or vessel you are looking for. For each listing, you will find the cable location and photos showing you where to connect, and links to purchase the correct cables.

If you don’t see the make and model you are looking for, don’t worry. It will most likely come to a future update, but feel free to reach out to our customer support for immediate assistance finding the data-link connection. The database is updated regularly, so please check periodically for updated information.

How To Access the Cable Finder

The Cable Finder is found on our website:

There are two convenient locations on our website where the Cable Finder can be accessed.

The Cable Finder can be accessed by clicking on the Shop Tab, selecting Cables, and finally selecting the Cable Finder (see below) 

Alternatively, it can be found by clicking on the Learn Tab and select Cable Finder (see below)

Searching for Your Vessel or Marine Engine

To perform a search on the Cable Finder Select the correct Industry, Make, and Category from the drop-down. For Marine Engines and Vessels, you would select ‘Marine’ for Industry. Make would be the manufacturer and category would be whether you are working on an Outboard, Inboard, or PWC. See the example below.

Finding the Data Link Connection

Each listing will display the most common locations where the connector can be found with helpful photos, a brief description, and links to any cables you may need to connect. Some connectors may be directly on the side of the engine; others could be under the helm controls.

Helpful Photos of Connector Locations

All listings will come with an explanation of where to find the connector and a picture like below, to show you where to look.

In some cases, a video will be available to provide additional guidance.

Get the Cables You Need To Connect

The website links for the cables needed are also included in the Cable Finder listings. This will display all cables needed to connect for both Texa IDC5 and Cojali Jaltest and helps you easily purchase the correct cables.

Diesel Laptops is excited to continue to create applications, like the Cable Finder, to make diagnostics as effortless as possible for our customers. We will be constantly updating and improving the application to make it user friendly and include a wide variety of marine engines and vessels.

If you have any issues finding a connector or using the Cable Finder, we encourage you to contact our US based support team for more information.

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