Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part two - Jaltest)

Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part two - Jaltest)

In this comparison blog series, we are exploring the differences between running diagnostics with software from TEXA, Jaltest, MEDs and Diacom on a 2014 Mercury 60 HP outboard engine. (Please note that Marine Diagnostic Tools does not sell Diacom products. Diacom was used for testing and comparison only.) In part one, we reviewed using TEXA software for diagnostics. In this article, we will be using Jaltest. 

Mercury 60HP engine

Mercury 60 HP Engine with Jaltest

Mercury 60HP with Jaltest connection

Mercury 60HP with Jaltest connected

We connected to this engine with the JDC 650 + JDC 617M to the terminator selecting the ECM (CAN) selection.

Cable Selection

Once connected, this is the first screen that pulls up. It shows the cables used to diagnose the engine. In our example, we are using the JDC 650 + JDC 617M.

Mercury 60HP Jaltest cable selection


Mercury 60HP Jaltest first screen

Fault Codes

Just as we saw with the TEXA software in our last blog post, the Jaltest software also returned no fault codes. 

Mercury 60HP Fault Codes

System Data

Here you will notice that unlike TEXA's Software which relies on a series of horizontal tabs for menu items, Jaltest opts for a vertical column layout.  You can access system data by selecting System Data from the Diagnostics Menu on the left.  

Mercury 60HP System Data

ECU Data

To access ECU Data, select Diagnostics Menu>System Data>ECU Data. From here you will see your engine location and calibration identification.

Mercury 60HP ECU Data

Engine Hours

Much like the Engine History tab for TEXA, the Engine Hours section in Jaltest displays the operation time for a variety of RPM ranges. Again, this will come in handy when determining if an engine has been abused by running at a high RPM for too long. 

Mercury 60HP Engine Hours


Accessing the Parameters tab will give you the option to either display or modify parameters. 

Mercury 60HP Parameters


The measurements tab shows various data such as engine speed, key switch battery potential, sensor supply voltage and more. 

Mercury 60HP Measurements

Measurements Graphing

Just like TEXA, Jaltest offers real time graphs for various measurements. 

Mercury 60HP measurements graphing


On our Mercury 60HP Engine, Jaltest allows you to actuate the following components: the warning buzzer, ignition coils, tachometer, injectors, fuel pump relay and idle air controller. 

Mercury 60HP jaltest activations

Coil Test

Mercury 60Hp Jaltest Coil Test

Injector Test

Mercury 60HP Jaltest Injector

IAC Valve

You can select the graph icon by the arrow to see this activation graphed while the test is running, or the software will ask you when the test is complete to see a graph.

Mercury 60HP Jaltest IAC

Mercury 60HP Jaltest IAC Valve 2

System Checks

System Checks will need to be done with the engine running.

Marcury 60HP Jaltest System Checks

System Technical Data

Mercury 60HP Jatlest System Technical Data

Vessel Service Data

Mercury 60HP Jaltest Vessel Service Data

Vessel Technical Data

Mercury 60HP jatlest vessel technical data


Mercury 60HP Jaltest Troubleshooting

The Jaltest software ran great on this engine, the wiring diagrams were missing from this selection and the other information was from another model however, we did not have any problems it all ran well on this engine.

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