Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part three - MEDS)

Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part three - MEDS)

In this comparison blog series, we are exploring the differences between running diagnostics with software from TEXAJaltestMEDs and Diacom on a 2014 Mercury 60 HP outboard engine. (Please note that Marine Diagnostic Tools does not sell Diacom products. Diacom was used for testing and comparison only.) In part one, we reviewed using TEXA software for diagnostics. In part two, we reviewed the Jaltest software. In this article, we will be taking a look at using MEDS software to diagnose our 2014 Mercury 60HP outboard engine.

We began our MEDS experience by locating the Terminator plug (shown below.) Next, we connected one end of the MEDS 531-0118M2 cable to the Terminator plug and the other end directly into the USB port of our CF-31 Panasonic Laptop (shown in the second image below.) 

It's worth noting here that unlike multi-brand tools like TEXA and Jaltest that can utilize a wide variety of cables to hook up to multiple engines, each MEDS adapter has its own proprietary cable built in. This means each MEDS adapter can diagnose only a handful of engines. For a full list of the engines the 531-01182M2 can diagnose please see our product listing.

 MEDS Terminator plug

(Above - Terminator Plug)

MEDS connection

(Above - MEDS 531-0118M2 connected)

Home Page

For our third entry in this blog series, we now have our third unique user interface design. TEXA uses a series of horizontal tabs to navigate the software. Jaltest uses a series of vertical columns. Now we have MEDS using a combination of horizontal tabs across the top and a single right side vertical column. 

Meds home page

Live ECM Data

Just like TEXA and Jaltest, the MEDS software offers a real time live view of the ECM data. The biggest difference here is that unlike the others, MEDS uses a very nice looking gauge system, reminiscent of speedometers that show various engine components. 

MEDS live ECM data

Real Time Data

In addition to the Live ECM Data shown via gauges, you can also access real time data in a column based, spreadsheet format. 

MEDS Live Real Time Data

System Info

The System Info tab accessing information such as ECM Type, Fuel Flow Max, Engine type and more. 

MEDS System Info

Engine Hours

By clicking the "View History" tab, it displays the operation time for a variety of RPM ranges. This information can come in handy when determining if an engine has been abused by running at a high RPM for too long. 

MEDS Engine Hours

Freeze Frames


MEDS Freeze Frames on a Mercury 60HP


Again, just like TEXA and Jaltest before it, MEDS returned zero active faults on our test. 

MEDS Faults on Mercury 60HP

Engine Tests

MEDS allows you to perform a variety of engine tests. Several examples are shown in the images below:

MEDS Engine Tests

Ignition Spark Test

 MEDS ignition spark test

Fuel Pump

MEDS Fuel Pump

Injector Pulse Test

MEDS injector test

IAC Valve Test

MEDS IAC valve test

Other Tests

MEDS other tests


The Meds unit also worked great on this engine. We did not have any issues with this tool, the software does not include any repair information or wiring diagrams that we have seen with the other tools.

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