Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part one - TEXA)

Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part one - TEXA)

In this comparison blog series, we're going to explore the differences between running diagnostics with software from TEXA, Jaltest, MEDs and Diacom on a 2014 Mercury 60 HP outboard engine. (Please note that Marine Diagnostic Tools does not sell Diacom products. Diacom was used for testing and comparison only.)

To get things started, we connected to this engine with the AM01 CAN + AM25 to the Terminator, using the Can node selection. (Shown Below) 

Mercury 60HP connector

(Above - Terminator Plug)

Mercury 60HP

(Above - AM01 CAN + AM25, connected to Terminator plug) 

Fault Codes

As shown in the image below, no fault codes were found upon initial testing. 

TEXA Fault Codes


Even though there were no fault codes to troubleshoot, the parameters tab revealed information on 21 different engine parameters. In this section, you will find information battery voltage, engine coolant temperature, fuel per cylinder and more.

TEXA Parameters

Parameters Graphing of the Throttle Position Sensor

The image below shows a graph of the throttle position sensor. This graph is created in real time to accurately show your throttle position.

TEXA graphing

Status Page

The status page shown below displays the current status of various components. 

TEXA Status

ECU Info

The ECU Info tab displays all relevant information regarding the ECU. In this case we have the mapping version and the calibration version. 



TEXA Activations

TEXA Activations 2

Engine History

Checking the engine history tab will show the full history of RPM threshold. This will come in handy when determining if an engine has been abused by running at a high RPM for too long. This information can also be printed using the prompts below.

TEXA Engine History


Below are some images of various tests that can be performed with TEXA software.

Ignition Coil Test

TEXA Ignition Coil Test

Fuel Pump

TEXA Fuel Pump

IAC Valve


Injector Test

TEXA Injector Test


TEXA settings

Technical Documentation

Accessing Technical Documentation will bring up self-diagnostic sheets, nominal value sheets, vehicle sheets and wiring diagrams. These individual sheets are outlined below.

TEXA Technical Documentation

Wiring Diagrams

When you double click on the wire, the circuit will light up with this dotted blinking line. This will show that circuit and the components in that circuit. The icon circled in red will give you the Component list.

TEXA Wiring Diagram

Click the icon circled in red to find the Diagram key (shown below.)

TEXA Wiring diagram 2

Clicking the icon circled in red will bring up the Component List. This list will show you which component has an image, and which one has a card that contains the information on that component. (Shown below.)

TEXA Wiring Diagram 3

If you click on the component, the software will sometimes give you a picture and information on that component. The Device card is going to give you information on that component and how to test the component.

TEXA Components

TEXA Electro Injectors

Nominal Value Sheets/Guided Diagnosis

TEXA Technical Documentation

Vehicle Sheets

TEXA Vehicle Sheet

Texa performed great on this engine, we did not have any issues. We were able to do all the activations, graph parameters, and we had good repair information. What stands out with the Texa on this engine is the wiring diagrams that have been revamped for easier use.

In the next part of this series, we will take a look at using Jaltest software to run diagnostics on this same engine.


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