Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part four - Diacom)

Diagnostics on a 2014 Mercury (Part four - Diacom)

In this comparison blog series, we are exploring the differences between running diagnostics with software from TEXAJaltestMEDs and Diacom on a 2014 Mercury 60 HP outboard engine. (Please note that Marine Diagnostic Tools does not sell Diacom products. Diacom was used for testing and comparison only.) In part one, we reviewed using TEXA software for diagnostics. In part two, we reviewed the Jaltest software. In part three, we reviewed the MEDS unit. In this article, we will be taking a look at using Diacom software to diagnose our 2014 Mercury 60HP outboard engine.

We began our Diacom experience by locating the Terminator plug (shown below.) Next, we connected the 94073 + 94032 + 94029 to the Terminator plug (shown in the second image below.) 

Diacom Terminator Plug

(Above - Terminator Plug)

Diacom Terminator Plug connection

(Above - Diacom 94073 + 94032 + 94029 connected to engine.)

First Page

After connecting to the engine and opening the software the first page displayed has a Diacom image over the interface. The application is much like MEDS in that uses both a horizontal top navigation system made of tabs combined with a vertical column of menus. The main difference here is that the vertical column was on the left this time rather than the right, like MEDS. 

Diacom First Page

Cable Selection

The Cable Selection screen was one of the nicer features of the program interface, with plenty of high quality cable photos to ensure the correct cable. 

Diacom Cable Selection

Fault Codes

Just as we saw with TEXA, Jaltest, and MEDS, the Diacom software found no active fault codes. 

Diacom Fault Codes


For the first time in our review series we were unable to get any parameters to pull up using the software. This could have been due to the Diacom software hanging up and lagging during testing. Perhaps with more time and troubleshooting of the software this may have worked, but unfortunately our tests were inconclusive.

Diacom Parameters


Below are several tests that could be performed using this software and tool. 

Dicaom Acvitations

Injector Test

Diacom Injector Test

Coil Test

Diacom Coil Test

Fuel Pump Test

Diacom Fuel Pump Test

IAC Valve Test

Diacom IAC Valve Test


The Diacom software had excellent cable images and was easy to use. It was also capable of running the same tests as we ran with TEXA, Jaltest, and MEDS. However it was the most limited in functionality as no parameters could be pulled up during our testing. 

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pascual perrino - August 29, 2021

nice test, i want to know if diacom is be able to calibrate and make a configuration of dts or idle for a new twins of mercury verados 300

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