Coding Evinrude Fuel Injectors

Coding Evinrude Fuel Injectors

There is nothing more frustrating than having an issue with an Evinrude engine and knowing that your only option is to take it to a dealer. You know without a doubt, the issue is the fuel injector. You replace the component, but you need to introduce the trim code to the ECM.

How can I do that correctly so that the engine runs like a top?

The Jaltest Marine Diagnostic Tool from Cojali has that problem solved. You can choose from different kit packages from just outboard to complete, depending on what you work on. Not only can you change the injectors with these kits, but you can also do many other functions and diagnostic tests with other engine manufacturers. Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki, John Deere, Volvo Penta, the list goes on and on. Multiple manufacturers in one tool. But without making this blog longer than it needs to be, let’s get started and look at how to do the injector coding with the Jaltest software.

Once you have selected your engine model, the connection is critical on these Evinrude engines. Connect the JDC 609M or A to the Orange triangle connector on the engine, shown in the picture below.

This next step is very important. Connect the power cable to the JDC 609M/A NOT the interface box, like the picture below. Turn the key on and select connect.

When the software connects to the engine the main menu page will pop up, as seen below.

The Parameters Tab shown with the yellow circle is where you are going to find the injector coding. Select the Modify Parameters Tab.

Select the Injector Coding tab where the yellow circle is shown.

The software is going to ask you if you accept liabilities before performing the action. You will also have to input the Expert Code if you have not done so.

You can do this by logging into your customer portal on the Jaltest website and asking for it. The easiest way is to do this when registering the unit. The Expert Code helps alleviate an untrained tech going into the system and changing things they do not need to be changing.

After you accept the terms, the software is going to give you written directions on how to proceed. You're going to need a QR code reader to get the code number. I downloaded the ScanLife app to my mobile device which was very easy.

The instructions are in the following pages.

The next page is going to ask you if the conditions are met, the engine must be stopped or off. Click the checkbox after this is done.

The next step goes without saying, but I will say it anyways, select the injector.

The software is going to give you the injector number, the current serial number of the injector, and the injector type (RED CIRCLE).

The next page is going to be the injector mapping information for that injector.

Accept the information with the checkbox and type in the new code. The instruction page gives us a couple of examples of what they should look like.

 The real code will be much larger than the one typed in the box.

After the new code is typed in and the checkbox is clicked, the software is going to ask you to type in the new code on this page again to verify the code.

These codes need to match, or the software will not allow you to do any of the changes.

At this point, you can check the box and move on to the other injectors that need to be changed. Follow the same steps as before.

The Jaltest Marine Software is unlike any other marine diagnostic tool on the market by allowing the user to correctly change the injectors on Evinrude engines. This aspect adds to a long list of countless other features the tool can give the user.

For more information on what this tool can provide you and your business, visit our website or give one of our Marine Specialists a call.

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